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Nichrome powder (Cr20Ni80)

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These powders are used in wear-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant and oxidation coating. Their alloys are used for the strengthening, protection and restoration of valves' parts (saddle plate, spindle, shutter), oil pumps (plunger), pumping turbine (shaft), power equipment (to bend tubes in boilers), vehicles (ship valves and rail diesel engines, wagons clutch parts, shafts, pins, crosses, pulleys, bushings pumps, etc.), mining and metallurgical equipment (shafts, lining mills, sinter seals, Sediment device, chokes, valves, rollers and bars of continuous casting plants, roller bearing and coupling of reels of rolling mills, etc.) of cylinder and screw extruders, parts of equipment in glass industry (iron forms, tools glass forming machines), parts of road machinery and subway etc.

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Nichrome powder _Cr20Ni80_