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Self-fluxing powders

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Alloys based Ni are used to create on the mechanical wear resistant surface of steel products. Coverage is also resistant to oxidation by temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsium, to corrosion in fresh and sea water, saline and alkaline solutions, oily environments, ammonia and other corrosive environments. Coatings with high hardness are resistant to abrasive wear.

Ni based alloy with copper are deposited mainly to produce iron.
The alloy of copper - self-fluxing bronze is used for coating of copper alloys and welding copper with steel. Fe-Based alloys are resistant to wear-cutting environments.
Cobalt alloys are used to make coatings that operate at higher loads and temperature. Surface is resistant to abrasive wear at temperatures of 540-840 degrees Celsium and to fretting corrosion.


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Self_fluxing powders